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Shaker Tape

All colors are available in 1" and 5/8" unless otherwise noted.
Dyes lots may vary.
Please order enough material to complete a project. These are scanned images and the actual tape may be slightly darker or lighter.
100% cotton tape used for seats on chairs and handles & straps in basket making. Also makes a great "belt" around the neck of gourds or baskets using slotted shapes.

Most economical when ordered by the full 75 yard roll.
Full rolls may not be one continuous piece.

Use this formula to determine approximately how much material you will need:

  1. Width x Depth=  ?  Inches
        (Measure at widest points.)
  2. For 5/8" tape:   ?  Inches ÷ 5.3
    For 1" tape:   ?  Inches ÷ 9
  3. Answer = number of yards needed
        (Avg. 15" x 18" seat = 52 yds. of 5/8" or 30 yds. of 1")
  4. Two color seat: Answer ÷ 2 = yardage of each color needed


Remember, this is only an approximating tool. It is best to order more that needed because chairs and dye lots can vary.

Sold by the WHOLE yard only - order the total number of yards needed.

Please Note: Cut pieces of Shaker Tape are NOT returnable.

Discount = 6 or more rolls, may be all of one color or mixed colors but all must be the same width.
5/8" - $40.50 each
1" - $63.75 each
The discounted price will not show in the online catalog but will be adjusted before shipping.

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