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Prewoven Cane

Used to replace seats which are pressed into a groove and held in place with spline.
Also used for cabinet fronts and other decorative applications.

To see the required and helpful tools needed to replace a pre-woven cane seat please see the
Prewoven Cane Tools category.

Prewoven cane is sold by the running inch (unless a specific size piece is shown).  Measure the opening, both directions, and add 2 inches to each measurement (1" additonal for each side). 
If you need a piece of cane that measures 14" x 16", put 14 in the Quantity Box of the 16" wide cane.

To measure the size of the cane itself (3/8", 1/2" or 5/8" mesh) measure from the left side of one vertical set across the opening to the right side of the next vertical strand set.

PLEASE NOTE:  Different widths of prewoven cane will NOT always match in color.  When ordering for the seat and back of the same piece of furniture, it is best to order all from the same width to guarantee color match. 

Cut pieces of prewoven cane are NOT returnable.

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24 inch wide 3/4 inch Open Mesh
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24 inch wide 3/4 inch Open Mesh
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