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Seat Weaving Natural Long Select Strand Cane

Long select cane is generally lengths of 8 ft. and longer.
Full hanks/coils (1000 ft.) will do approximately 3 - 4 seats.
Half hanks/coils (500 ft.) for 1 - 2 seats (Nantucket quality cane).
25 ft. bundles for repair jobs and binding.
For reweaving seats, the size of the cane required is determined by the size of the holes in the wood around the edge of the seat and the space from the center of one hole to the center of the next hole (See individual cane sizes to match up these requirements or visit our Hand Cane Sizing Chart Page on our website.) 
Binder cane is NOT included.  (See Binding Cane category.)
To see the required and helpful tools needed, please see the Hand Cane Tools category.

Cane is also used for wrapping handles and binding rims in basket weaving.

10% discount for 6 or more coils of cane (may be mixed sizes).
Click on product name to view picture, discounts and additional information. 
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Cane Stool Oak Frame
Regular Price: $19.50
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You Save: 25 %
Cane Stool Oak Frame
Unfinished & Unassembled
Fine Cane 2.50 mm 1/4 Coil Approx. 270 ft.
Regular Price: $11.50
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You Save: 25 %
Fine Cane 2.50 mm 1/4 Coil Approx. 270 ft.


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