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Rush, Splint, Seagrass & Shaker Tape Tools

Make your job easier with these tools designed for rush, splint, seagrass & Shaker tape seats.

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Basket Shears
Regular Price: $24.95
Your Price: $23.50
You Save: 6 %
Basket Shears
The "Original" (Gardencut Bonsai) Basket Shear - great for cutting everything!
Reed Cutters
Your Price: $3.75
Reed Cutters
Great for kids, rush and seagrass.
Saboten 1210 Shears
Regular Price: $29.95
Your Price: $28.00
You Save: 7 %
Saboten 1210 Shears
1 inch Rubber Tipped Clamp
Your Price: $1.50
1 inch Rubber Tipped Clamp
4 inch long x 1 inch opening - Used in seatweaving (rush, splint, Shaker tape) to hold weaver in place on the rung of the chair while stopping or adding new weavers.
Bent Nose Pliers - 705
Your Price: $5.95
Bent Nose Pliers - 705


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