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Jadvick Collection Basket Kits

All kits include illustrated, clearly written instructions and all materials to make baskets in the sizes as shown. See each individual kit for more information.

Both kits in this group are for a beginner with no prior experience. Good for children and camp projects.

All kits are sold in good faith that the contents are correct and of good quality. Any problems or complaints should be made directly to the manufacturers name on the package for correction.

Click on product name to view picture, discounts and any additional information.

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Jadvick Little Tote Kit
Jadvick Little Tote Basket Kit
Your Price: $8.00
Jadvick Little Tote Basket Kit
3" wide x 7" long x 4" high
Jadvick Quill Basket Kit
Jadvick Quill Basket Kit
Your Price: $8.00
Jadvick Quill Basket Kit
3-1/2" diameter x 5-1/2" high


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