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Fiber Rush - Golden Brown

Fiber Rush - Made from heavy grade paper twisted into a rope to be used in place of natural rush. NOT for outside use.
- Also used to make paper wreaths and bows (paper ribbon) - the Kraft Brown may be dyed or stained. Uncoil the rope to form a bow.  
- Also used as a core for coiling, especially closed coiling.
- Also used on cat towers and scratching posts to wrap around the areas that cats like to scratch.

Fiber Rush Golden Brown is a yellow-brown color like a Harvest Gold. It is VERY yellow.
Batches may vary slightly in color. When working on a set of chairs, it is best to purchase enough material for all your chairs at one time.
Coils weigh approximately 1-1/2 pounds (will vary based on moisture content but all contain same amount of feet per size). Three coils are needed for an average 16" seat (5 coils will do 2 seats).
Full reels are more economical for volume users or when weaving more than 2 seats.

4/32" (3mm) is used mainly for small or dainty chairs,
5/32" (4mm) for the average kitchen chair,
6/32" (5mm) for large chairs or rockers.

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